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News & Announcements

Indigenous Movement Practices and the Embodiment of Culture (TriKal – Kalikasan, Kalinangan at Kalooban Lecture Series)

December 4, 2023

2nd Post Graduate Symposium: Indigenous Issues in Southeast Asia Across the Board

November 28, 2023

Sex and Ancestry Estimation Methods in Filipino Crania (TriKal: Kalikasan Kalinangan & Kalooban series)

November 28, 2023

Notice of Hiring for the 2nd semester AY 2023-24

November 14, 2023

History of Philippine Bioarchaeology: Current and Future Directions (TriKal: Kalikasan Kalinangan & Kalooban series)

November 14, 2023

Race, Human Variation, and Ancestry Estimation in Forensic Anthropology (TriKal: Kalikasan Kalinangan & Kalooban series)

November 8, 2023

Katutubo at Pagpapakakatutubo

October 25, 2023

Sea Nomads, Sultans, and Raiders: Genetic History and Ethnogenesis in the Sulu Archipelago (TriKal: Kalikasan Kalinangan & Kalooban series)

October 20, 2023

TriKal: Kalikasan Kalinangan & Kalooban (A Biological & Ecologial Anthropology Lecture Series 2023)

October 20, 2023