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Online Exhibit

Beyer Museum Online Exhibit

The series of online exhibits feature artifacts from the collection of the H. Otley Beyer Museum of the UP Department of Anthropology. This aims to highlight its special collections, some dating back to the early days of Beyer’s famous museum — the Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology which was located on Aviles St., Manila during the pre-World War II era. After Beyer’s death in the 1960s, the large collection was given to various groups and institutions with the department becoming one of the recipients. Eventually, the artifact holdings of the museum grew as various anthropologist and students donated materials from field. With the institutionalization of the Fieldschool in the late 1960s, the ethnographic and archaeological collection of Beyer Museum grew even bigger making it a crucial part of the department’s teaching and extension work. This series of online exhibits also aim to increase awareness of the cultural heritage of Filipinos as well as to further advance interest and scholarship in Philippine culture and society.

Text by Carlos Tatel

  • Native name: Kulbong      
    English name: Basket
    Ethnolinguistic groupIfugao
    Measurement: 30.5 cm. x 27cm.
    Basket for clean husked rice

  • Native name: Kulbong  
    English name: Basket
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 15 cm. x 25 cm.
    Soot covered basket for clean husked rice

  • Native name: Pasiking  
    English name: knapbasket
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 30.5cm x 32 cm.
    Bamboo and rattan basket for carrying things

  • Native name: Gubo        
    English name: Fish trap
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 58.5 cm. x 20 cm.
    Bamboo fish trap

  • Native name: Hu-lun      
    English name: girdle
    Ethnolinguistic group: Mangyan
    Measurement: 31.5 cm. x 8.5 cm.
    Girdle of fine nito strips