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E. Arsenio Manuel Anthropology Library

Special Collection

TitleAuthor/sDate of PublicationPublisherThesis/Dissertation
Star Gazing: The giant lanterns of Pampanga as Political CultureDominique Angela M. Juntado2019PhD Dissertation
Isang Etnograpiya sa balay lakoy ng mga mangyan alangan sa pamayanan ng Malyem, Paitan, Naujan, Silangang MindoroTeddy B. Abas2018MA Thesis
Tigian: The significance of consensual power in the customary dispute settlement of the iraya mangyanChristian A. Rosales2016PhD Dissertation
The Ethnography of reading among the kagayanen of palawan: A Micro-Study of the neglected dimension of reading comprehensionJacqueline Andrea Huggins2016PhD Dissertation
The Anthropology of Security: A case of strategic culture in the west philippine sea (2011-2016)Chester B. Cabalza2016PhD Dissertation
Telepresence as a Tactic for Parenting: Negotiating for Time and Space among Call Center Agents in Baguio CityTala Aurora T. Salinas-Ramos2016PhD Dissertation
Migration, Place-Making and Assertion of Identity: Ibayyo Strategies of Prevailing in the cityRemedios P. Mondiguing2016PhD Dissertation
Iba na ang Matangkad: An Anthropological Study on Height Perceptions among Selected Youth in UP DilimanRichard Jonathan O. Taduran2016PhD Dissertation
Hidden violence: Food Suffering Experiences of Women in Tondo, ManilaMaria Patricia Lourdes H. Sarmenta2016MA Thesis
Cultural Ecology of Dementia Care in MarikinaJacqueline C. Dominguez2016MA Thesis
Voices of the informal settlers: Discourse of flooding and relocation of informal settler communities along manggahan floodway in Pasig CityRhea Mae P. Maningo2015MA Thesis
Turning to education: The Ayta of sitio bucaran, floridablanca, pampanga twenty years after pinatuboChito F. Agapito2015MA Thesis
The social life of Longanisa: Paradoxes in Longanisa-making across different scales of enterprise in PampangaJosefina Jocson Vicencio2015MA Thesis
The social construction of Multivitamins use among 0-12 year-old childrenJoseph G. Carillo2015MA Thesis
The Articulation of Kalinga Bodong and Small Scale Mining Industry: A Case Study of the Banao Bodong AssociationGeraldine L. Fiagoy2015MA Thesis
Taytaynam, Makmapit din lugam (As you leave, the weeds droop'): Structured silencing and the self-ingestion of pesticide as a public health issue in northern luzonRuth Sidchogan-Batani2015MA Thesis
Madali ang pera sa paracale: Small-scale miners' perceptions, strategies, and modes of spending and consumption in relation to variable incomeErika M. Rey2015MA Thesis
Lumbia (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) in the Lifeworld of Two Rice-farming communities in Bunawan, Agusan del SurJessie G. Varquez Jr.2015MA Thesis
Guardians by themselves: Life experience of indigenous young people in agartala city, tripura, northeast indiaJohn Benny Kavumkattayil2015PhD Dissertation
Broken Masculinities in southern togo: Violence in private and public placesKwami E. Afoutou2015MA Thesis
Ang ginagalawang mundo ng mga batang manggagawa sa palengke ng pampangaNeselie G. Gavanzo2015MA Thesis
Getting out of Kolorum: The significance of Social Capital in a Distant Relocation SiteBub Mo Jung2014PhD Dissertation
Commitment: The making and un-making of female catholic lay vocations from an Anthropological PerspectiveMaria Paz Socorro G. Villanueva2014MA Thesis
The CI, gender, and social change among the asmats of Papua, IndonesiaOnesius Oteniel Daeli2013PhD Dissertation
Practices of identification in the creation and consumption of filipino novelty t-shirtsPamela G. Cajilig2013MA Thesis
Pilgrimage, Popular Devotion and sacred space: The Nuestra Señora de salvacion of joroan, Tiwi, AlbayCarlos P. Tatel Jr.2013PhD Dissertation
Deconstructing eve: Women's representations on sexuality in men's and women's magazines in the PhilippinesFrieda Joy Angelia O. Ruiz2013MA Thesis
Tama nga lugar: Young adults sexuality and construction of sexual spaces in an urban poor community in iloilo cityLeo L. Quintilla2012MA Thesis
Sakit: Illness as Social control among the adgawan-manobo of TagbayangbangJimmy D. Sales2012MA Thesis
Filipino sign language (FSL) bilang pangunahing pagkakakilanlan ng etnikong identidad ng mga binging pilipino: Isang etnograpiyaReginaldo D. Cruz2012MA Thesis
The Sociomoral world of the Filipino catholics in brussels, belgiumHector T. Guazon2011PhD Dissertation
Pagkakamag-anak at Pulitika sa isang pamayanang Ita sa tayabas, quezonRolan B. Aldovino2011MA Thesis
Narratives of suffering, healing and caring: An Anthropological Study of Women Victims-Survivors of mass rape during world war II in the PhilippinesGina Rose L. Chan2010MA Thesis
El léxico inglés en el español de inmigrantes mexicanos en la industria de comida rápida en Boyle Heights: algunos estudios de casos especificosGeorge Molina2010MA Thesis
The sosyudad of virac, catanduanes: Reproducing and transforming a traditional practice of cooperation in Insular BikolRamon Felipe A. Sarmiento2009PhD Dissertation
Kinaray-a, 'Bandits,' Sulod-Bukidnon, 'Catholics,' 'Upright Farmers': Social Identity formation among a mountain people of central panayMary Acel D. German2009MA Thesis
Cranial Vault modification practice among the early inhabitants of banton island, romblon: An Anthropological perspectiveMarites M. Paz2009MA Thesis
Batang Tekno: A Mission Organization's "Boarding House" approach and the assimilation of iraya mangyan children and their families in Abra De Ilog, Occidental MindoroOmega Diadem T. Danganan2009MA Thesis
Identity construction and culture reproduction among iraya mangyans: Educational and cultural processAleli B. Bawagan2008PhD Dissertation
Rice farming with shoes on: Strategy, Decision-making and performance in farmer adoption of aerobic rice in Pala-pala, bulacanRica Joy B. Flor2007MA Thesis
Placemaking and the politics of identity in a resettlement site in Dasmariñas, CavitePhyllis Rianne F. Apilado-Cañete2007MA Thesis
Ang Nawini ng sambal ayta sa botolan, zambales, at ang 'tawirang pag-aakma ng sarili' pagkatapos ng pinatuboMa. Teresa P. Guanzon2007PhD Dissertation
The Politics of Kankanaey clan reunions: ritual, kinship, and cultural transformation in the cordillerasGaston P. Kibiten2006PhD Dissertation
The Experience and expression of epilepsy in the highlands of papua new guinea: An Exploratory studyMartinus Tasi Tnines2006MA Thesis
May nangyari na: Female Adolescents speak of early sex, pregnancy, and marriageTeresa R. Dagdag2006PhD Dissertation
Mula kalalangan hanggang gampanin (Dalumat ng Pilipinong Kabatlayaan)Susana R. Reyes2005PhD Dissertation
Isang Antropolohikal na pag-aaral sa pampulitikang batayan ng etnikong identidad: Ang kaso ng mga kalingga ng dananaoNestor T. Castro2005PhD Dissertation
The Social Reproduction of Pranic Healing as a health care systemMa. Elena R. Regpala2004MA Thesis
Payatas: Sense of place in contested spaceFr. Joel Y. Bernardo2004MA Thesis
On "development": Competing perspectives and practices in Northern Bukidnon, MindanaoMaricel Paz Hilario2004MA Thesis
Deconstructing the text, refiguring the past (A small landowner's Re-reading of agrarian narratives)Evangeline M. Dare2004PhD Dissertation
The Micro Politics in cultural heritage preservation: A culture and arts institution in the Philippines and its proponentsRenee C. Talavera2003MA Thesis
Surviving Inaagosto: Household strategies to cope with the lean season in a community in Batangas ProvinceSoledad Natalia M. Dalisay2003PhD Dissertation
Pottery Production and distribution in Ilocos Norte: The pots of San NicolasMateo Ramirez Esteban2003MA Thesis
Pagsamba ng Kabataan: Etnograpiya ng maagang sosyalisasyon sa pamamagitan ng relihiyonMelchor J. Paulino2003MA Thesis
Mansaka and ecotourism: An Ethnographic study on the participation of the mansaka in the planning of an ecotourism program in Brgy. Mainit, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley ProvinceAna Raissa T. Trinidad2003MA Thesis
Land use and agricultural intensification: A GIS-based analysis of the ifugao landscape, northern philippinesStephen B. Acabado2003MA Thesis
Ceramic Deposition and Midden Formation in Kalinga, PhilippinesMargaret Elizabeth Beck2003PhD Dissertation
The Malling culture in quezon cityFlorina De Fiesta-Mateo2002PhD Dissertation
The impact of social capital in technology sharing and learning on integrated pest management in central luzonFlorencia Gonzaga-Palis2002PhD Dissertation
Patterns of external exchange in porta vaga: Morphometric analysis of excavated tradeware ceramics at porta vaga site, cavite cityCarlos P. Tatel Jr.2002MA Thesis
Pang-aghamtaong dalumat ng diskurso ng running priestFr. Robert P. Reyes2002PhD Dissertation
Linking gender and environment: The cultural economy of weavingHelen F. Dayo2002PhD Dissertation
Household dynamics in the context of rural industrialization and globalization: A case study of a southern luzon communityAurora Bautista-Vistro2002PhD Dissertation
Ceramic Chronology in northern luzon: Typological analysis of the pottery from the Lal-lo Shell-middensKazuhiko Tanaka2002PhD Dissertation
Batek: The Anthropology of Traditional Tattoos in a Kalinga villageAnalyn Ikin V. Salvador2002MA Thesis
Women, Religion and Social Change in the Philippines: Refractions of the past in urban filipinas' religious practices todayMary Therese Drum2001MA Thesis
Nimbile Fingers, Clenched Fists: Dynamics of Structure, agency and women's spaces in a manufacturing companyAileen May C. Paguntalan2001MA Thesis
Computers in Education: Social and Cultural perspectives of computers, internet, and email in two exclusive schoolsLuis Carmelo L. Buenaventura2001PhD Dissertation
An exploratory study of personal and social characteristics of almgiversRegina E. Khan2001MA Thesis
Managing luck and negotiating change-- Ethnographies of Fishing and Sharing in the PhilippinesMaria F. Mangahas2000PhD Dissertation
Contested Domains: Philippine National Law, Indigenous Peoples, and the EnvironmentPadmapani L. Perez2000MA Thesis
Child Rearing experiences of first generation Filipinos in British Columbia: An EthnographyMa. Josefa P. Petilla2000PhD Dissertation
The St. Kim Dae Gun Andrew Parish: An Anthropological Study of the Korean Catholic Migrants' Community in the PhilippinesFr. Jun-Ki Lim1999MA Thesis
The Palawan Frontier: Asssessing the social, cultural and political impacts of impending industrializationRonald Hector Andrada Villanueva1999MA Thesis
Text, context and interpretation: The mahiwagang kasayasyan and kapisanang sagrada familiaDaylina Banzon-Cabanilla1999PhD Dissertation
Ideolohiya, kapangyarihan at ekolohiya: Nagbabagong sistema ng pagmamay-ari ng lupaing irayaRuben Z. Martinez1999PhD Dissertation
Diskurso tungkol sa damdamin, salita at gawa ng kapatirang deo sa bundok banahawHermel O. Pama1999MA Thesis
Adaptive Patterns of marginal communities in bicolJacob M. Castroverde1999PhD Dissertation
Intrusion of commercial shrimp farming in three rice-growing villages of southern bangladesh: It's effects on poverty, enviroment and selected aspects of cultureM. Maniruzzaman1998PhD Dissertation
Astillero: An Archaeological analysis of a 19th century metal smelting siteMary Jane Louise A. Bolunia1998MA Thesis
The Barangen fishing concession in bolinao: An ethnographic study of customary marine tenure systemSuzanna F. Rodriguez1997MA Thesis
Tradition and change among the tagbanua of cabigaan, aborlan, palawan in the 1990'sEvangelista P. Jagmis1996PhD Dissertation
The Status of the mangyan patag women in the batas mangyanDoris Lorna C. Bacalzo1996MA Thesis
Faith and Revolutionary Practice: A case study of the christians for National LiberationSr. Pacita G. Babiera1996MA Thesis
The Catholic church in Sinhalese societyDias Jayalath balagalla Afred1995PhD Dissertation
Mataw, Amung Nu Rayon, Anitu Man, The 'Fish of Summer', and the spirits: An Ethnography of Mataw fishing in BatanesMaria F. Mangahas1994MA Thesis
Isang paglilinaw ng konsepto ng init kaugnay ng pagkababae at katayuan sa kanyang yugtong pinagdadaanan sa buhayMa. Teresa P. Guanzon1994MA Thesis
Responses to change: The case of the TagbanuaJagmis P. Evangelista1993PhD Dissertation
The Socio-religious way of life in chung-hak community, korea: A case studyKim Doo Sun1992MA Thesis
The Pambansang makabayang pananampalataya kay rizal: A philippine revitalization movementRodolfo S. Manaloto, O.S.A.1991MA Thesis
Mangyan patag: Sa harap ng panlipunang interbensiyon ng mga Non-government organization (NGO)Sabino G. Padilla Jr.1991PhD Dissertation
Impact of agrarian reform programs on the village: A case of indonesia and the philippinesKodiran1991PhD Dissertation
The Kalinga diet and traditional food beliefs of pregnant and lactating women: An ethnographyCatherine Quimpo-Castaneda1990PhD Dissertation
Wayang Kulit of the yogyakarta versionFr. Albertus Istiarto1989MA Thesis
Transformation in Hanunoo concept and practice on land: The case of malang-og, mansalay, oriental mindoroRuben Z. Martinez1989MA Thesis
Towards a materialist explanation of personality-in-cultureImelda Villaluz1989MA Thesis
Reconciliation between ethnicity and nationalism: A case study of the cochin jewsEilat J. Amir1989MA Thesis
Population Structure and change among the Dumagat of Eastern Rizal: An Ecological Anthropological AnalysisRosa Maria Avena1988MA Thesis
Child-rearing practices of the betawi people in kampung sawahEndang Widajati1988MA Thesis
The spirit cult of santo niño: An Anthropological study of popular religiosity in the philippinesTakefumi Terada1987PhD Dissertation
Population movements and people-environment interactions in a pioneer migrant community: Pagkalinawan Jalajala, rizalDaylina Banzon-Cabanilla1987MA Thesis
New Person, New nation: An interpretive anthropological study of the lapiang malayaBangele G. Alsaybar1987MA Thesis
From nueve de pebrero to san antonio village subdivision: An adaptive struggle to urbanismAlexander Seran1987MA Thesis
Ang relasyon ng ekonomiya at wika sa mga abelling ayta ng labneyRosita M. Mendoza1987PhD Dissertation
The New agricultural technology and the development of rent capitalism in a rice farming village in Nueva EcijaArtemia Libunao-Ferrer1986PhD Dissertation
Elements of ethnography and study on the political characteristics of the hanuno-o of dangkalan, mindoro oriental, philippinesElisabeth Luquin1986MA Thesis
Swidden cultivation among the kalanguya of kabayan, benguet, philippines: Its impact on national parks establishmentLope A. Calanog1985MA Thesis
Proposed N. Luzon National park and swidden cultivation of kalanguya of kabayan, benguetLope A. Calanog1985MA Thesis
Kaingin I. Pansol: Psychocultural formation of migrant cultureLeticia A. Lagmay1985PhD Dissertation
The Ethnography of southeastern cagayan agta huntingAgnes E. Griffin1984MA Thesis
Child Prostitution in the Philippines: An exploratory study on child labor exploitationSusan V. Fernandez1984MA Thesis
The images of the peasant in the tagalog novel: 1906-1936Patricia C. Del Rosario1983 MA Thesis
Sexual Dimorphism among selected philippine negrito groups: An anthropometric approachFrancisco A. Datar1983MA Thesis
A study of the dasa-sil maniyo (consecrated women) in the buddhist society of sri lankaK.M. Lily Beatrice Thamel1983MA Thesis
Dispute settlement among meranao: Case studies of conflict resolution in marawiIntuas M. Abdullah1982MA Thesis
Ang palawan sa panahon ng kolonyalismong espanyol at republikang pilipino, 1621-1901Nilo S. Ocampo1982MA Thesis
Social profile of the metro aides of Quezon CityZakir Hossain1980MA Thesis
Programs of development and their relationship to community change in a philippine municipality, montalban, rizalKodiran1979MA Thesis
Kasaysayan at estetika ng komedya sa parañaqueNicanor G. Tiongson1979PhD Dissertation
The Ma-aram in a kinaray-a societyAlicia P. Magos1978MA Thesis
A study of marinduque hilots and their participation in a family planning programJerome B. Bailen1975MA Thesis
The cultural context of education among the bontoc: A case studyKate C. Botengan1974PhD Dissertation
Early socialization in an urbanizing community: A case studyLeticia A. Lagmay1974MA Thesis
Topicalization in Calbayog WarayFerdinand A. Parer1972MA Thesis
A sociological study of the nationalization youth movement of the philippinesBerardo D. Faundo1961MA Thesis
Tagalog popular and folk-songs as a reflection of tagalog life and cultureFlora A. Ylagan1934MA Thesis