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The Praxis of Engaged Anthropology

May 15, 2024

[Public Forum on Engaged Anthropology]

The Department of Anthropology, together with the UP Anthropology Society (UP AnthroSoc) invites everyone, especially Anthropology and social science students, to a public forum on Engaged Anthropology happening on May 20 (Monday), 4:00 to 6:00 pm via Zoom.

The speakers are Karminn Daytec Yañgot of UP Baguio, Dr Mary Racelis and Dr Mai Taqueban of UP Diliman. The conversation will be moderated by Assistant Professor Neen Sapalo and Dr Janine Ochoa.

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Thank you to Raya Lozano for the poster.

The relevance and urgency of an engaged anthropology that addresses public issues and foregrounds marginal voices has been stated repeatedly by colleagues in the field (Scheper-Hughes 1995; Low and Merry 2010; Ortner 2019). Intuitively, we might be familiar with engaged anthropology, often thought of as a form of politics and research ethos that is simultaneously critical, reflexive, and collaborative; but what does it look like in practice, especially in contemporary Philippines? This public forum intends to answer this question by featuring the work and various modes of engagement of three women anthropologists with their partner communities. It offers a framework of engagement and details the potential dilemmas and necessary problem-solving tools that young and budding engaged anthropologists can use in their future work.