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TaquebanEfenita May M. Taqueban, MA, LLB

Assistant Professor


Office Address:

Room No. 1324
Pavilion 1
University of the Philippines – Diliman

Tel:+63 (2) 981-8500 loc 2114

 Geographical Areas: Mindanao, Southeast Asia


Efenita M. Taqueban teaches social anthropology, with interests in gender, global political economy, and social suffering. Her masters thesis drew from the stories of induced abortion by mothers from an urban poor community in Manila. With focus on research, she also serves as a legal advocate.

Selected publications:

2015  With Nikos Dacanay, Mary Luz Feranil and Ryan Silverio

Cybercafes and Community ICT Training Centers: Empowering Migrant Workers in Thailand. In Public Access ICT across Cultures. Francisco J. Proenza, ed. Pp 341-371. Massachusetts: MIT Press.

2013  A Way Out in Eden: Maternal Health Crisis in Manila. Philippine Social Science Review 65/2 : 1-43.

2013  Community Health Worker. In Figures of Southeast Asian Modernity. Barker, Joshua; Harms, Erik; Lindquist, Johan, eds. Pp 41-43. Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press.

2013  Taking Stock: A Survey of AIDS Response for MSM and TG People in the Philippines. Quezon City: Health Action Information Network and the United Nations Development Program.

2012  Salam: Of Dislocation, Marginality and Flexibility. Social Science Diliman; Jul-Dec 2012, Vol. 8 Issue 2: 1-27. 

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