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Anthropology Field School (AFS) Batch 2020 – Danas

July 4, 2020


Anthropology Field School (AFS) Batch 2020

In light of the limitations brought about by the pandemic, the anthropology students of AFS Batch 2020 are conducting ethnographies through online and alternative methods this July 2 – August 5, 2020. The students aim to explore the ways various groups of people have experienced the pandemic, ascribed meaning to these lived experiences and perceive the long and short-term impacts of COVID-19 in their everyday lives through the concept of “danas”. “Danas”, a root word that refers to the wide range of human experiences, calls attention to feelings, actions, sufferings and understandings and the ways by which these are shaped by broader social and cultural processes.

“Danas: The UP AFS Batch 2020 Ethnographies” intend to present multiple narratives that brings us uncomfortably closer to the different dimensions of human/social engagement in this time of pandemic and “social distancing” and its emergent forms of social and political detachments.

For inquiries and other details, please contact: Regine De Mesa at