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Brief Profile

Neen is a social anthropologist doing engaged work with various Filipino communities. Her research, which employs qualitative methods such as countermapping and digital ethnography, reflects her interest in development and humanitarianism, urban anthropology, the anthropology of disaster and human rights, death studies, and the anthropology of affect and emotions. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Development Studies at the University of the Philippines Manila, and obtained her MA degree in Anthropology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Her MA thesis is a digital ethnography of death, grief, and mourning amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, she is an affiliate faculty of the UP CSSP Folklore Studies Program and a board member of Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao (UGAT – Anthropological Association of the Philippines).

Research Interest and Specialization

Anthropology of Home, Urban Anthropology, Anthropology of Disaster, Death Studies, Development and Human Rights, Digital Ethnography, Counter mapping

Geographical Areas / Field Sites

South Cotabato, Rizal, Tarlac, Baguio City


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