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Brief Profile

Janine is an archaeologist studying past faunal and ecological communities and specializing in zooarchaeology. She is interested in investigating palaeoenvironments, biogeographic patterns, island evolution of terrestrial vertebrates, and systems of indigenous ecological knowledge. She is currently working on fossil vertebrate assemblages from archaeological sites in Luzon and Palawan Islands. Her work includes the description of the first fossil records of the tiger on Palawan Island and the publication of three previously unknown, extinct species of cloud rats from Luzon.

Research Interest and Specialization

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Archaeology

Geographical Areas / Field Sites

Philippines, Southeast Asia


  • Ochoa, J., Mijares, A.S., Piper, P.J., Reyes, M.C. and Heaney, L.R., 2021. Three new extinct species from the endemic Philippine cloud rat radiation (Rodentia, Muridae, Phloeomyini). Journal of Mammalogy.
  • Ochoa, J. and Piper, P. 2017. Holocene Large Mammal Extinctions in Palawan Island, Philippines. In Monks, G. (ed.) Climate Change and Human Responses: a Zooarchaeological Perspective. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Ochoa, J., V. Paz, H. Lewis, J. Carlos, E. Robles, N. Amano, R. Ferreras, M. Lara, G. Velarde, W. Ronquillo and W. Solheim II. 2014. The archaeology and palaeobiological record of Pasimbahan-Magsanib Site, northern Palawan, Philippines. Philippine Science Letters 7 (1): 22-36.
  • Piper, P. J., J. Ochoa, Lewis, H., Paz, V., and Ronquillo, W. 2008. The first evidence for the past presence of the tiger Panthera tigris (L.) on the island of Palawan, Philippines: Extinction in an island population. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 264: 123–127.