Anthropology (Anthro)

Anthro 10

Bodies, Senses and Humanity. Interaction of biology and culture in the shaping of humanity. 3 u.

Soc Sci 1 Foundations of Social Science

Social Science (Soc Sci)
Social science as an integrated discipline, its contribution to knowledge production, its distinctive research practice, and its relevance to social development. Prereq: None. 3 h. (lec) 3 u.

Soc Sci 2 Social, Economic and Political Thought

Social Science (Soc Sci)
A survey of social, economic, and political thought from classical to contemporary times. Prereq: None. 3 h. (lec) 3 u.

Soc Sci 3 Exploring Gender and Sexuality

Social Science (Soc Sci)
A cross-cultural survey of gender and sexuality, applying perspectives from the different social sciences. Prereq: None. 3 h. (lec) 3 u.


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