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Beyer Museum Online Exhibit

  • Native name: Kulbong      
    English name: Basket
    Ethnolinguistic groupIfugao
    Measurement: 30.5 cm. x 27cm.
    Basket for clean husked rice

  • Native name: Kulbong  
    English name: Basket
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 15 cm. x 25 cm.
    Soot covered basket for clean husked rice

  • Native name: Pasiking  
    English name: knapbasket
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 30.5cm x 32 cm.
    Bamboo and rattan basket for carrying things

  • Native name: Gubo        
    English name: Fish trap
    Ethnolinguistic group: Ifugao
    Measurement: 58.5 cm. x 20 cm.
    Bamboo fish trap

  • Native name: Hu-lun      
    English name: girdle
    Ethnolinguistic group: Mangyan
    Measurement: 31.5 cm. x 8.5 cm.
    Girdle of fine nito strips