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Anthro course marks 100 years, launches revamped website

January 15, 2014

(January 15)—The Department of Anthropology of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) held a simple ceremony at the Palma Hall Lobby on January 10 to mark the 100th year anniversary of anthropology as a course in the country.

In 1914 UP made history when it introduced Anthropology as a course in the Philippines, with H. Otley Beyer of the Department of History as its sole instructor. In 1917, Beyer and two other colleagues from the History Department established the Department of Anthropology.

Fast forward to 2014, the CSSP Department of Anthropology has lined up a series of activities for the course’s centennial that will culminate in 2017, the Department’s 100th year.

Among the activities were the launch of the revamped Anthropology website and book Majon Malid, the last B’laan Bong Fulong of Sal Naong by Joseph Perido Lalo, last Friday, January 10.

Prof. Carlos Tatel Jr. of the Anthropology Department said the department’s website now is much improved and is designed to be more informative, updated and engaging.

Tatel said among the features of the website are the Beyer Museum (under Resources tab), the Centennial tab that presents the department’s calendar of events, 100 anthropologists, and the Field School (under the Study tab).—Mariamme D. Jadloc, with images by Jefferson Villacruz